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Cost effective logistics and supply chain network run by hyper local service providers for supermarkets, courier services, furniture stores etc.

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Easy, affordable, competitive and efficient shipment services

If you are operating a supermarket, courier services, furniture store etc and managing multiple transportation vendors to serve your customers, LogisRunner is suitable for you. You can schedule or book in real time vehicles from your multiple vendors/runners which reduce idle time/expenses related to trip scheduling.

If you are operating a local logistic service or want to start new logistical service, LogisRunner platform will help you do that. This will increase your operational efficiency & reduce overheads. You can do your route planning (route optimization), manage proof of delivery, on trip expenses, track and optimize all your deliveries.

LogisRunner simplify shipping, ensuring a streamlined process and an easy experience for both the sender and receiver.

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Why LogisRunner?

Customers can use LogisRunner to place a delivery order and have it picked up and delivered within a span of few hours

Dedicated Runners

Professional and dedicated local logistic providers/runners to be available upon request..


Affordable subscription method for your business.

Business Development

Increase your business transactions through more last mile deliveries.

Reliable Service

All runners are verified and experienced logistic professionals.

Are you a Runner?

By joining with us as a logistics partner you get more clients and reliable customers. Also it gives you sustainable job. You can run your own logistic business by utilizing your expertise in your logistic career.

We are always on the lookout for strategic business opportunities. If you think that we should work together, please let us know!

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Fleet Management

Plan multiple load requests parallel and optimize your route plan.

More job request

You get requests from a vast variety of customers and it will grow your business.

Pre-paid plans for customers

Customers can opt for pre-paid plans for regular shipping needs.

Simple to use

LogisRunner follows "simple solution for complicated problems" strategy with a vision to be used by common man.


Any Questions? Answered

There are multiple types of users for the platform. We are addressing questions specific to customers and runners.

Both individual and enterprise customers who has shipping requirements need to signup with LogisRunner web platform. They select a trusted vendor in their locality and place pick-up and delivery load post. The customer can subscribe for a prepaid plan if they have regular deliveries.
Customers can pay runner by online or by UPI or Netbanking or by Check or by Cash on delivery.
There will be only road transport for now. There will be small, medium and large goods carries available with service providers.
You need to disclose item materials to be shipped to the runner firm and provide invoice and delivery documents such as e-way bill. You need to make sure your service provider has proper license for the delivery service.
Every runner can accept payment through UPI, Net banking and by Cash.
The serviceable area of the runner will depend on each firm’s operation. Customers need to search and find serviceable areas of each runner.

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